Telescope Use When Studying Your Soul



Hello, Friend–How is your world today? The bigger world in general is a mess, isn’t it? Politicians are screaming at one another, war is everywhere, and people are still starving, despite living in places where such things should be forbidden. On a smaller scale, people are still breaking up, losing their jobs and getting diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Seems a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it?..Sorrow and mayhem are everywhere you look. I would lovingly suggest that you need to stop looking. Do me a favor please–turn your telescope around, and look through the other end.

Imagine a telescope for a moment, please.

When you hold it to your eye, the things far away, outside of you, are magnified. What you’re now seeing are problems that don’t directly have anything to do with you. The world’s chaos, the world’s ugliness, the suffering and damage we inflict upon one another on a mass scale–that’s what the telescope identifies, and draws closer for you. If you turn it around though, and look through the opposite end, the very same objects seem much smaller. The reality of them hasn’t changed, just how large they appear to be.

Turning the telescope around is a good plan to survive these times, I’ve found.

I recognize our world is in chaos, and people are being hateful to one another. I understand mass instability seems the dominant theme, and those in power seem to be thriving on the hysteria. I choose, though, to not become overly involved. I choose, instead, to focus upon those who are closer to me, and work on issues closer to home. Whether they involve me, or people and communities I love, I’ve found it’s best to spend my energy here, rather than on a cause found popular by the media, or celebrities currently in favor. I find more success feeding the homeless person I see in my own daily travels, than watching an interview with a famous person trying to get me emotionally invested in something. Not that their cause isn’t important, because I’m sure it is. But how many celebrities are there, and how many causes are there, and how else will this bombardment upon my senses cease, unless I quietly turn away?

I encourage you to turn inward, to examine the genuine passions of your heart and soul, because there, you will find how to fulfill your greater purpose. This is how to best make an impact upon the world.

In our hyper-digitized culture, we are bombarded with random chaos. Our pictures, our music, our videos–everything is specifically designed to create emotions within us. People working at desks inside cubicles all over our globe regularly make decisions about pixel size, color ratios and all sorts of other things you might not know about, in an effort to create more emotion in you. The pictures you see, the headlines you read–everything is crafted to give a bigger punch to your heart and soul, and mostly–this is done because money is somehow involved.

Smaller, Friend–look smaller.

Turn your telescope around, and be still for a bit. Examine, lovingly, the people around you. Look closely, very closely, at the tree branch gently tapping on your window pane. Study the crack in the sidewalk as you walk to your car, before driving to your own desk in your own cubicle. Shut off the Kardashians, the political analysis and the dreadful traffic report. For just a moment…listen. Listen to the breath coming in and our of your lungs. Press a finger tenderly to your wrist, and feel your blood steadily coursing through the vein.

You exist, Friend. You are a real person, created for something specific. Somewhere deep inside, you have dreams, and passions and unspoken wishes.

What are they?

Have you lost them?


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Turn your telescope around.

Ignore the dramas, and remember your child like innocence. Remember what you wanted before life got in your way. Remember how it feels to make a connection–a genuine connection–with another living being. Remember how good it feels to help someone who needs it.

Then, do something.

Do something to bring these dormant passions out of your heart. Somewhere inside of you is a greater purpose, and a master plan. Accomplishing this purpose will take work-more work, perhaps, than you can imagine–but this is the most important work you will ever do. Don’t turn away from your purpose, Friend–chase it down with fire and frenzy, and make whatever it is happen.

Turn away from every distraction, tune out every obstacle, and ignore every bit of our culture that threatens to derail you.

Find a few moments to quietly sit, and listen to the cry of your heart. It might be a few moments at a stoplight, after you turn off the radio, or it may be a walk outside on your lunch break. If you’re brave, it could be a weekend when you turn off all your electronic items. Just do something, because your spirit is alive. Your heart is beating. Your mind is a source of endless creativity and passion.

YOU, Friend, are an amazing human being.

Please turn off all of the noise and confusion so you can remember exactly that.

Then search, deeply, for your dreams.

They can still happen, Friend.

But you have to remember what they are.

Do you?…

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**Chanler Jeffers has seen many extraordinary things over her lifetime. An adventurer, survivor, overachiever and advocate of kindness in all instances, she has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE), and is a member of their Circle of Champions. She has had the good fortune to live and travel all over the world, grew up as a military dependent and was a single parent for many years. She has survived cancer, and gently shaped countless people over her years on this little planet we call home. Follow along as she shares her knowledge, her experience and her love. Oh, by the way–one more thing. She’s married to a Bass playing rock star, lucky girl.

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  1. Hi Chanler,

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and powerful insights!! I totally agree with you.

    Focusing on what is happening out there drains your energy and makes you tired. I sometimes wonder what if everyone on this planet has 30 seconds to go deep inside themselves and be still at the same time. We all need to start nurturing our own lives more lovingly and sincerely.

    Thank you again for a great reminder, Chanler.

    In love & gratitude,

    1. Hello, Keiko–I LOVE your idea of everyone on the Earth being still for the same thirty seconds! Wouldn’t that be an extraordinary experience? Thank you so much for your kind comments–I’m delighted you enjoyed this piece,and wish you every blessing!

  2. Hey Chanler,

    I wonderful post. We do get busy with everything externally don’t we? Some of us use that as an excuse while others are unaware they do it. That is why posts like this are important. To bring our focus back and reminds us to turn that telescope around.

    Helping locally Chanler, I’m with you. Start with our surrounding community. I don’t get taken in by celebrity causes, but very glad they do what they do. It makes me grateful that someone can certainly make a stand and have a voice for those who can’t.

    I gave up TV months ago. I was so over the white noise and politicians behaving badly. I get the gist of trends on the front of Newspapers or when I spot something on the net.

    Once I committed myself to my dreams, I stopped looking out and started taking responsibility and added discipline to ensure I was walking my path. Thanks for a wonderful reminder.


    1. This all sounds wonderful, Rachel. And ugh–the politics. I totally understand what you mean–things are getting so ugly over here. The noise of it all is insane.
      Thanks, as always, for your truly thoughtful comments; I so enjoy your thoughts.

  3. Hi Chandler; What a great reminder to people. Yes we can only hear the quiet voice if we turn off all the noise. and in most cases our dreams the real ones only communicate in whispers. I tell people one of the best decisions I’ve made in years was deciding not to watch or listen to more than one hour of news a day. There is so much repetition that this is all you really need. I don’t spend lots of time on social media following the top pop culture icons either. I don’t even spend hours listening to sports talk radio or tv. and while reading this post i thought maybe I have an advantage being blind because all that work that goes into making everything visually appealing and emotionally powerful is lost on me. its much harder for them to reach me mainly because there aren’t enough of us blind people to make it worth their while. keep making us think and feel what matters, Max

    1. Thank you, Max. I completely agree with you about the TV and pop culture icons. Since you’re new to the Team, you may have missed this earlier post, where I share that my husband and I don’t even own a television. Here’s a link:
      I hope it’s something you enjoy! Thank you again for your kind words.
      Every blessing!

  4. Hi Chanler

    Wow! what a post

    You are so right that we are so much distracted by the choas of the world that we lose ourselves and forget our greater purpose.

    If we turned down all our distractions, we would see the beauty of the world; the awesomeness of nature and feel the vibes of our calling.

    Thanks for this reminder. Love this so much. Take care and have a swell week.

  5. Chanler, I’ve just read one of the most powerful, passionately written pieces of emotionally intelligent insightfulness which I’ve probably ever come across.

    There is such warmth and wisdom in your words, you clearly have a deep understanding of the larger picture of life as well as a deep understanding for the passions that motivate us as the individuals we are.

    What you’ve written, really has moved me; I don’t remember feeling so positively inspired after reading an article (even one written by a person who shares the deep insight that you have – your words and warmth really are something else). ???

    1. Oh, my goodness, Samantha–thank you so very much for your kind words. Truly–it’s lovely to hear from readers, especially when they been touched by what I’ve written. Thank you for your note, and I hope you will continue to read along with us. My whole site is dedicated to essays such as the one you’ve read, so please feel free to jump in. Thanks again for your note.

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