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Hey, There! World got you crazy? Too many things going on at once? Trust me–I get it. So let’s get you some stress relief–pronto! Following are ten things you can do to get you some stress relief in five minutes or less.

One–Take a deep breath.

Specifically–breathe in through your nose, and hold your breath for several seconds. Now slowly exhale through your mouth, and repeat the cycle. This is called ‘box breathing’. It will not only fill your body with some much needed oxygen, it will give you something to consciously focus on, so you can stop your panic-mode.

Two–Clench and Release Your Muscles.

Start at the top of your head, and work your way down your entire body. Crunch every muscle you can identify. Hold that pose for a few seconds, and then release. Work your way down your entire body, all the way down to your toes. This is a simple form of stress management that will help you feel looser and more relaxed by the time your toes are wiggling in relief.

Three–Stand up and walk around.

Get up out of your chair, and get some movement going. If possible, walk outside. All you need is five minutes of fresh air and movement to trigger some quick stress relief.

Four–Phone a friend.

Even if you end up leaving a voice mail, physically picking up your phone and touching base with someone you love is a very powerful form of stress management. You are deeply loved–don’t forget that–so reaching out to someone who cares about you is an important tool.

Five–Cut down the time you spend on social media.

The world is scary, and getting scarier. Turn away from the political rants, the endless news channels and the online anger. Instead, focus on the people you connect with in real life. Stress relief can be as simple as not logging in.

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Six–Change the music you’re listening to.

Yes–there is definitely a time for rock and roll, head banging and rap. However, if you’re feeling stressed, you may want to put some quieter music on in the background. Many times, especially at work, people plug earbuds into their head, and the tempo of what they are listening to drives their day. Plug something in that is more more mellow, and you’ll immediately find this to be a great form of stress relief.

Seven–Pray, or Meditate.

For five minutes, give over to a higher power. Tune into the silence of your soul by being still. If you can’t do this at your desk, or wherever you are, go into the bathroom stall, where you will have privacy. Offer your anxieties to God, however you define Him or Her. If you are not religious, then simply pick a calming word to focus on, and repeat it silently to yourself as you focus on its meaning. Give yourself a quiet, restful time to release your stress, and return recharged.


Get some pencils and paper. Scribble like crazy–you may even end up tearing the paper. This is a fantastic form of stress relief–very fast, and very powerful. It might sound silly, but trust me–it works.

Nine–Find Something Funny.

Or–force yourself to laugh at nothing. Laughing is a fantastic tool for the management of stress, and sometimes you have to look harder than others for things that you find amusing. So do a quick online search for jokes, or comic strips you used to enjoy as a child. Look on YouTube for clips of shows that make you laugh, and get your giggle on.

Ten–Eat or drink something healthy for you.

Get a glass of water, or a protein shake. Enjoy a piece of fruit, or some crunchy vegetables. Nourish your body with something good for it, as a way to care for yourself. Many times, when we are under constant stress, we neglect our basic needs. We become distracted with the things that worry us, and sometimes need to make special effort to self-care. So if you find yourself in panic mode, make sure to take five minutes and evaluate your nutrition. If necessary, grab a glass of water and maybe some peanut butter and apple slices. You’ll feel better, and able to tackle your challenges.

There you go–ten fast ideas to help you with stress relief!

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Do you have any further suggestions? Any ways you have found to help manage this crazy world we share? Please feel free to offer your feedback by commenting below.


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  1. I always find something funny to watch when i’m stressed out. It’s the most effective for me.

  2. Lord have mercy! You must know me, because my life is so crazy. I am always stressed out. 14 grandchildren a husband my job extracurriculars with my grands blogging and the list goes on. I am certainly going to book mark this post so I can have it handy when I need to relieve stress with these techniques!

    1. Aw, thanks Tracie! I’m glad you found these so helpful! And yes, your life sounds a little busy, indeed! Remember to take care of yourself–you have a lot of people depending upon you!! Thanks for the comment, and you take care of yourself, dear!

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