Marriage and Midlife Crisis–5 Action Steps & Resources to Help

*Please note–this post contains affiliate links* It’s no secret that marriage is tough. Even the strongest couples you know have difficult times, whether you’re aware of their struggles or not. When marriage and midlife crisis collide, however–the results can be earth shattering. You know the old story line. It involves a red convertible, and frequently a young […]

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Tailor’s Bunion Treatment? You’ve Officially Hit Midlife

Tailor's Bunion Treatment--You've Officially Hit Midlife

*Please note–this post contains affiliate links* Blech. ”Bunion”. Even the word is yucky. The world “bunion” makes me think of whiny old women, massaging their feet in hotel restrooms during big events I’ve attended. I never paid much attention to all of that though, mostly because I don’t like whiny old women. Plus–I rarely wear high heels, which I’ve always […]

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