Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


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Mother’s Day gift ideas can be hard to come by for a woman who has everything. Or–for the woman who finds this to be a difficult holiday. See…not everyone is thrilled by this day, but we don’t always talk about that, do we?

Mother’s Day can carry a lot of difficult emotions.

There’s an almost sacred assumption that Mother’s Day will be wonderful for many of us.

We’re taught there should be brunch in bed, with burnt toast being brought in by chuckling husbands and giggling kids.

We expect to see obnoxious corsages being worn in packed restaurants, where generations of people gather to honor a family’s matriarch.

Truth is–some moms spend the day alone.

Or quietly grieving while in the company of others, for any number of reasons.

Their phones may not ring, or they may choose not to pick up the phone themselves, because of a strained relationship with the woman who carried them into this world.

Or they may have loved their moms desperately, all the way to her graveside.

Like many holidays, this one can carry manufactured emotions.

There are frequently unmet expectations involving this day, but some of us just can’t help it.

We’re bombarded by messages leading up to Mother’s Day about how pampered we’re going to be, and sometimes?

It doesn’t happen.

For whatever reason.

And we can feel crushed.

So I’ve created a list of mother’s day gift ideas for women who might be hard to shop for.

They’re also appropriate for other women, of course.

But let’s focus on those who might need a little extra love.

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No one really plans on being a single parent, but if that’s where the woman you love finds herself, here’s a shirt she can wear with pride. The shirt reads, “I never imagined I would be a super cool single mom, but here I am killing it!”

Isn’t this precious? Initials and birthstones to represent the baby chicks, and a beautiful solo mama watching over them.

Perfect for the woman who is told during the drive to school that it’s picture day, right as she notices she has a run in her stockings. I promise–this woman runs on pure caffeine, because she is all things to all people. Help her out with a funny mug.


Here’s a secret.

You know that woman who lost her child, no matter how it happened?

It’s okay to bring it up, because it’s the only thing she thinks about.

Even if she’s talking about her new haircut, or her lousy job–she’s still thinking about the child who is no longer with her, I promise.

Be a decent human being, please–and gently acknowledge her loss on this day that celebrates moms.

This beautiful necklace has two tiny footprints pressed into a heart. Its enclosed gift card reads, “There’s no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.” Sigh. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge this woman’s loss, please.

How about reminding the grieving mom that you’re always there to listen? Sometimes people going through grief worry about irritating the people around them, because they just keep going over things in their minds. Here’s a way to show you’re there to share a cup of coffee, and just listen whenever she needs it.

How about bringing some light into the darkness? This lovely piece can quietly rest in a window, gently reminding the grieving mother not only of the child she’s lost–but also of your love.

Lemme guess. You and your stepmom didn’t always see eye to eye. But now you’re grown, and things are better between you two. Do this poor woman a favor. Get her a good bottle of wine to go with this mug, because she probably earned it, ya little turd!

Three discs. One says, “mother’, one says, “daughter”, one says, “friends”. Perfect.[/caption]

Okay, I’m not stupid. I know it’s not always perfect when you have a stepmom, but the right thing to do is acknowledge her existence. She’s close to your dad, so she can’t be all bad. Here’s something very nice, but very neutral. Send this packet of quality bath products, check this task off of your list, and move on.


Sorry. I can’t stop laughing at this one. And I won’t even tell anybody if you fill it with Chardonnay. Cuz…you know…you’re done with that whole being a role-model thing, right?

Yes. It’s extraordinarily difficult when your child leaves home. But look at the bright side–you gain real estate. Here’s to all of your renewed hobbies!

Admit it. You’ve become a dog mom, right? Own it, Girl. Own it. Go ahead and treat yourself–I won’t tell!


Many women have chosen to help to raise the children of others. Here’s a beautiful way to say thank you, no matter who that woman is. She might be your aunt, she might be your adopted mother, she might be a teacher. Anyone, really–who went the extra mile for you, and deserves some recognition.

You can never go wrong with girly stuff for the bath room. Fancy soap and candles, all in one package? Done. She’ll love this, no matter who she is, or what role she plays in your life.

Chocolate. What else do I need to say? Here’s a bunch of it, for a great price, and fantastic presentation. Almost any woman in the world will go crazy for this. Also good as a ‘get out of jail free’ item, Gentleman. Just saying.

As you enjoy the day, remember some ladies are suffering.

So share the love.

Be kind.

Be respectful.

Use your manners.

Today of all days, remember to do everything your mama taught you.


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