Marriage and Midlife Crisis–5 Action Steps & Resources to Help

*Please note–this post contains affiliate links* It’s no secret that marriage is tough. Even the strongest couples you know have difficult times, whether you’re aware of their struggles or not. When marriage and midlife crisis collide, however–the results can be earth shattering. You know the old story line. It involves a red convertible, and frequently a young […]

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10 Dates For Married People–‘Cuz Sometimes, We’re Boring

10 Dates for Married People

Lemme guess. You and your beloved are side by side. Something electronic is there with you–a phone, a television, a laptop–some noisy thing that takes your attention away from one other. Or maybe you’re not married. Maybe you just have a significant other, good friend or even a family member who lives with you. Whatever the case, […]

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Motherhood Won’t Go Away, Even When the Child Does


“Mama– I’m sleeping” came my daughter’s voice through the telephone. I accidentally woke her up the other morning, and magically–I was transported to an earlier time in my life. In that inexplicable moment, I felt my daughter’s tiny head tucked under my chin. Somehow I felt her little arms wrapped around me. I felt the silkiness of her hair against […]

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